Lovers Find Time

No expectations, no consequence
No paranoia or jealousy
No doubts or lack of trust
Just complete and utter ecstasy

So, as he lays her down
And candle’s reflection in her eyes
Glistening with tears fresh from pleasures unknown before
He holds her chin, and looks within

Secret chambers and skeleton keys
A fine line between fact and fiction
Unyielding to the pressures of lust or new love
A smile on the lips, an invitation to write the next chapter

And she looks into his eyes
Guarded and strong, her own reflection she sees
Lower and lower, her lover soon meets her lips
Together, their eyes close to visions of fresh memories

Illusions shattered
He enters her slowly and deliberate
She accepts him, eager to feel him deep
Her invitation is met with slow thrusts

Her legs wrapped around
She can feel his heart beating hard and fast
She pulls him deep, holding tight
Simultaneous orgasms leave them breathless, dripping

And the candles cast their shadows
Silhouettes of the lovers, locked in their embrace
And the candles slow burn, signals the inevitable end
The secret lovers made the best of the time they had


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