One to Five and Back Again

I can’t breathe

Something’s taking over me
I face another day secure in my insecurity

Broken dreams and fruitless romance
Constant reminder of what I can not have
Perfect rejection becomes routine

So, you think you might know me? I don’t think so
Let’s take a walk and I’ll try to explain
For I am shifting, constantly changing before my own eyes
This is not how I want to be

Just a kiss, that’s how it always starts
Open up and let me in
Guide me home; point me in the right direction
My lust is second nature, human though it is
We covet what we can not have, sins of the flesh

My mind is spinning
It never ceases to amaze me
The voices scream in silent rage and despair
I wonder what I will wonder next

I have only scratched the surface
Scars remind me of battles lost and won
And I will rise again, the fight is what I live for

But not today. Destiny can wait
Things stopped making sense a long time ago

I’m so cold


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