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I heard a song the other day
I know I’ve heard that song before
It reminded me of a time ago
at least I think I was there
I don’t remember where I was going
or what I was doing or who I was with
Maybe I was driving (no)
Maybe I was walking (no)
Maybe I was singing (no)
Maybe I was daydreaming (no)

Where was I?
I can’t get this song out of my head
It continues now, I regret to say
I used to love the song, I think
Now I wish it would just go away



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When I cry on the inside
Where do the tears go?
When I weep within
Can  you tell?
Can you see?
Do you even know?

If you really knew me
I would not need to weep on the inside
If you really cared
I would not cry at all

Tossing and Turning

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Tossing and turning
Chasing sleep can be so draining
Wide awake again
It’s 2:00am

Visions flash before my mind’s eye
I feel as if I’m in 3 places at once, again
I’m tired, out of breath
My soul grows weary

What world is this?
Taunting me with clenched fist
Drenched with fear of something
I think I thought I knew

What? Don’t tell me
I don’t want to know
You’ve been wrong before
The world didn’t end

I’m not who I used to be
I’m me, you see
I’m not the one changing
Then again, perhaps

Don’t stop and stare
I’m not here for your entertainment
Lost and aimless
In a cloud of doubts and fears

It’s 2:00am
Time standing still
Thunderheads are rumbling
You know what I mean?

And then…

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He looked into her eyes, searching for permission to proceed.

And then…

He pulled her close, his lips brushing her gently
He watched as her eyes closed, her head tilted
Her mouth opened slightly
He pulled her closer

And then…

His tongue found hers, gently touching with the tip
Her breathing became urgent
Her body closing in on his, barely a gap between
She invited him into her mouth

And then…

His fingers touched her hair
Her tongue pushed between his lips
He could feel the heat coming off of her
He watched her, trying to find the courage for the next move

And then…

His hand moved below her skirt
Her excitement slick between his fingers
Her hand below his belt confirming what she already knew
He exhaled as she inhaled

And then…

He gently lowered her to the bed
She pulled him on top of her
Their clothing soon found the floor
Their lust filled the air, their passion flowed

And then…

She was in his arms, her body tingled still
He held her tight as her hand stroked his chest
His heartbeat throbbed as their sweat cooled their skin
There was no need to speak, no breath to speak with

The Chamber

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In my mind
I find a new home
I’ve been here before, I think
I cannot be certain

I remove this mask
I will no longer need it
It was ugly anyway
It never felt right

I toss it aside and continue
I wonder as anticipation grows
I come to a door, which I open
Inside is the sound of insane

I am scared
I thought I was, anyway
Intuition guides my insecurity
I jump as the door slams behind me

I find a new mask
I place it on my face
It will protect me, the new me
I close my eyes and the change is complete

I’ll see you later


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Feeling good
Feeling gray
Feeling fleeting in this mist
Of another winter day

If you could see me now
As I sit here all alone
I can’t help but wonder
Whose face you see when you close your eyes and kiss him

Standing alone
On this crowded street
Waiting for my turn, waiting
Sunshine hides behind bitter winter clouds

Let us stop pretending
I am who I am, you know
You are what you weren’t, I know better
Don’t hide behind the mask, I can see right through it

Calm waters as the boat glides
Drifting away, closer to my destiny
I stop forcing it, just letting it be
I close my eyes and watch you walk away

Feeling alive
Feeling love
Feeling like I will be ok
Of this, I can be certain


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Seven days and seven more
You still haven’t called
As I paint on this smile and walk out the door
Broken hearts mend so slow

But, you did it
You did it
You gave me that little bit of hope

But you left me
You left me
Abandoned me and turned your back

Like a tree dropping a leaf
I let the winds guide my fall
I can’t feel any pain
I can’t feel anything at all

Complex situation
Careless enthusiasm
Blind to intuition

Little voices hushed
Matter over mind
I think I thought I knew what I was doing

Peace, please help me rest this heart
Each beat a reminder of you
Soon, but not soon enough
I think I know what to do