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The Road…

Posted in Uncategorized on August 28, 2006 by organicsauce

The sound of the road, a constant reminder of life’s journey, keeping him awake and pulling him to sleep as his journey moved him ever forward.  Coming to a stop, he looked both ways and straight, not really knowing which direction he should go, not really caring at this either.

Turning left, he continued.  The wind pushed at him a bit, but he moved ahead through the resistance. 

Everything down this road was in black and white.  Everything he saw, in all directions was just a shadow of a shade, and he decides it was beautiful.  It was beautiful for a change.

He reached another stop.  He looked in all directions, still unsure what to do.  He felt drawn to turn right, but he hadn’t been on this road that long and it was beautiful and he wondered where it went.

Another car approached him from behind.  He waved it past as he tried to decide his fate.  The car pulled up next to him and he saw the most beautiful woman behind its wheel.  He watched as she flips her golden hair out of her face and smiled.  He felt all warm inside for the first time in years.  He also noticed she was in color and not black and white.

She nodded towards him and made a motion for him to follow her.  She turned her vehicle left and started down a different road.  He looked around and quickly decided he might as well follow her, so he turned left and made sure to not let her out of his sight.

He felt his heart beating strong and he could not remember the last time he smiled so much.  They took turns following each other, sometimes driving side by side, risking it all and not caring.  They drove and drove, each staring more at the other and paying less and less attention to the road ahead.

He began to love this road.  The pleasure it brought him was just like in his dreams.  Her hair flowed in the wind and he felt his cares being left behind him, like the dust their tires sent airborne.  He had no idea driving could be so much fun and her smile melted him.

They came to an intersection suddenly.  Depressing the breaks, they remained side by side, not caring about the rest of the world.  Coming to a complete stop, he could see the look on her face had changed.  She was still smiling, but her eyes were sad.  This worried him a bit as he tried to figure out what they should do and what she was thinking.

He wanted to keep going but she needed to turn.  This was not her road, just a sidetrack or perhaps a shortcut.  She wanted to turn right and he felt drawn in that direction, but he knew he could not and should not turn right. In fact, he knew he could not continue down the road he was on.  He had to turn left.  He looked at her and he could tell she knew he would not follow her. 

They stared at each other, speaking many things with their eyes for what felt like forever.  Then, he saw her sigh and wave goodbye.  He waved back and watched as she turned and started down her new road.  He continued to watch her as she faded into the distance, becoming just a memory. 

He sat there for a while longer, and then decided he should be moving.  Looking in all directions, he chose the path already chosen, and turned left.  Moving forward, he thought about her and the road they were on together.  He wondered if she thought about him at all.

There was fog on this road and it was a bit bumpy.  He gripped the wheel a little harder, almost thankful for the distraction from his mind.  Moving forward, the fog hugged his new road, making things about as unclear as possible.

Ahead, he saw some lights…


That Night

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He held her hand
and led her
gently to the place
where they would make love.

She caught her breath
as his hand moved aside her long hair
and his lips met her parted lips.

He eased her down gently
to the bed, silk covered and warm
from the evening sun’s rays.

The scent of spent candle
and the air filled with rhythms tribal,
the two lovers embraced
sharing tight spaces
and the hammer of one heart.

Lost in the moment and in time
the two lovers brought each other
beyond known limits and restraint,
and delivered unselfish lust and desire.

Even as the night grew cold
on their moist flesh and spent bodies,
the two lovers drifted off in their final embrace
still locked in love’s grasp
and breathing as one
continuing their lovemaking
behind closed eyes
in the place of dreams,
where they first met.

These things…

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I saw her cry

Out of the corner of my eye

Even as she drove in her luxury SUV

With her perfect nails

And perfect hair

And that perfect baby, riding in the back seat

I wonder what could stress

This woman of glory and glamour

As makeup streaks down


Round with gluttonous life

All pink and wet with tears

The road forced me to look away

And I felt a pain in my heart

For no apparent reason

Unknown circumstances

Just my observations

As I journey with a watering eye