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These Things

Posted in Uncategorized on September 29, 2006 by organicsauce

My head is a mess of swirling stress

Constant distractions

Real and unreal

I have lost the ability to know which is which

These walls fall into place so easy now

Shadows haunt but have become familiar

The whispers

From deep dark chambers

Hello my friends
Welcome to this place
Pull up a space
And listen to the torture in my mind



Posted in Uncategorized on September 25, 2006 by organicsauce

Midnight glow

Of moonlight bright

Casts shadows

On the bodies

Lovers. Strangers.

His stare
She feels it in her soul
Her eyes
Moist with anticipation and yearning
She surrenders

He hovers over her
His sword ready
Their flesh shining with the sweat of passion
She nods
He plunges. Penetrates.

She cries out
And grips him tight
Legs wrapped around
She pulls him deeper
And shakes with little death


Posted in Uncategorized on September 15, 2006 by organicsauce

You are powerless
You have no control
You call it your life
But someone else controls it for you
And fail to see the strings
As you move around in thoughtlessness

New Day

Posted in Uncategorized on September 14, 2006 by organicsauce

I’m so tired

Sitting on the edge of the bed

Thinking things swirling in my head

My eyes are heavy but won’t close right

This is gonna be another long night

It’s too hot
Ceiling fan does its best
It’s up to me to do the rest
The light of day so far away
Frustration grows on this virgin day

Deep inside

Posted in Uncategorized on September 12, 2006 by organicsauce

I can hear the silence
Loud and clear
Sounds familiar
Sounds of sadness

I sit and contemplate
And think about these thoughts
Again, I fail to understand

I am interested in nothing – anymore
I am interested in no one – anymore
I have lost interest in interest itself

I feel your eyes upon me
Casting judgment
And bearing claws of disappointment
Cutting deeper and deeper
Where I didn’t even know I could feel

Fear to be Free

Posted in Uncategorized on September 11, 2006 by organicsauce

The world as seen through mist and tears
The torment of her thoughts and fears
Her hope and faith, lost through these years
Fading dreams on the tip of her mind

Empty pockets and a crying baby
Trapped in circumstance and legal fees
The cost of freedom hurts to pay
The price of seeking the unknown destination

Tortured fingers clasping tight
Tortured heart, not beating right
The beast of consequence sitting on her chest
So hard to breathe. So many regrets.

So it wasn’t what she thought it would be
Greener grasses may be a myth
Soon she will run out of tears
And find the strength to take that first step

And so the journey begins
Throw your head back and spread your wings
Toss aside the fears and chains
Begin to live once again

Do you remember how?