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Posted in Uncategorized on November 30, 2006 by organicsauce

These feelings
they leave me breathless
powerless to the affect
these strings
they pull me
in many directions

I can’t take it
I thought I could
I stand my ground
in quicksand
I feel my life slipping
beyond my boundaries

How can you tell when you are broken?
How can you see past the dream?
It’s harder than is has to be
Or so it seems
I wish you would just go away
I know you’ve been fakin’ it


Free to Choose

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A gentle kiss
A twist of fate
A chance worth taking
A new regret

A new love brews
An old fling lingers
A test of will
A new beginning

What if?

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Take my hand
and I’ll take you there
away from here
from this place
of fears
and tears
and broken hearts
sad memories
and misfit dreams

Don’t be afraid
I’ll take your fear
and wipe your tear
and hold you strong
within my heart
I won’t let you go
and I won’t let you down

Gliding through the fields
and tall grass
Sunshine burns the morning mist
and your hair flows gently in the wind
your dress clinging
Your eyes, they smile
a peaceful sign for me
to see
that once again
my friend
you can be happy
and free

I watch as you peacefully
dance to your own music
head tilted back to the sky
and a laugh
escapes your lips
those lips
I long for those lips
but that is not my place
not now anyway

We move along
away from the pain
along the river bank
hand in hand
and we rest and listen
to the water rushing past
flowing slow and with purpose
Ever changing, a tumble
Much like this life
which we are afraid to change
alone, our biggest fear

We reach the destination
and I lay you down
and I guard the door
and I listen to you as you sleep
and dream
and call my name
or maybe that was my own dream
I can’t be certain
and I won’t contemplate
What if?

His Tree

Posted in Uncategorized on November 26, 2006 by organicsauce

The little boy walked across the field, trying to fight back the tears and forget his stress.  He came upon a tree, standing alone and tall, full of life and leaves.  As the boy approached, he immediately fell in love with this tree.  It brought him peace and security.  Suddenly, the boy’s fears and frustrations were lost, blown in the wind and forgotten.

For years, the boy would visit the tree.  He would spend hours under its protective branches.  The tree would always be there for the boy, his one constant in the ever changing world the boy found himself in.

As the boy grew older and life got complicated, he would find that he missed his tree.  Whenever he could, the young man would go visit.  Each time, the tree would help him through his problems and it would provide that one security that was missing in the young man’s life.

Over time, through unsuccessful relationships, disease, death – through the ups and downs of the man’s life, he would always find time to go visit his friend, the tree.  Soon the young man became an old man, alone in his world, like a tree in an empty field.

Eventually the old man’s heart failed to see any reason to pump anymore and it decided to quit.  He was found in his bed, a nicely written note found next to him.

“If you are reading this, I have passed on.  I’ve had a good life and I will not complain.  There are many things I would have done differently, but maybe I’ll get a second chance.

Attached are my last wishes.”

The state honored the old man’s requests.  A few years earlier the old man had purchased the land where his friend lived, the tree.  His ashes were gently spread around the tree one sunny day.  The grass around the base of the tree was still wet with dew, like tears.  From dust to dust, leaves seemed to have fallen early that year for the big old tree.

Years went by.

A young boy was playing in a field, by himself and lonely.  He spotted a big tree off in the distance and it almost seemed to call to him.  The boy, with a lump in his throat, ran toward the tree, leaving his fears and tears behind.  He had found a new friend.

Snow Flake

Posted in Uncategorized on November 15, 2006 by organicsauce

Winter comes…
throw another log on the fire
So cold
These bones

As I sip my tea and watch the snow flakes
Drifting down
Random and precise
The steam from the tea fogs my glasses

The picture frame lays out of view
I can’t find the strength to look at your photo
Or the strength to stop

Cutting this cord is taking forever

And I feel as fragile as that tiny snow flake
As it descends upon certain death
No, just a transformation

A change, natural and unavoidable
Are you scared, little snow flake?

Scared like me?

Almost Fallen

Posted in Uncategorized on November 14, 2006 by organicsauce

She sees him again
her new best friend
and butterflies taunt her gut

His kiss melts her soul
and his hands make her forget
all the things she should not

But things are different now
He’s changed somehow
She is left confused and hurting

She asks herself “why”
and struggles to deny
this new love and these new feelings

With broken spirit
and restless rest
this poor girl
is put to the test

As she stares into the mirror
reflecting on life
she summons up the courage
to toss him aside

And so this young girl
stands tall in her pride
and rescues herself from herself

Keeping hold of her heart
with a tight grip
She saves herself
from taking that trip

And soon
she finds peace under autumn moon
and remembers to breathe

She waits…

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She anticipates
alone again this night
Her heart breaks so easy
again and again
and she has yet to learn her lesson

Still she waits
perched on the side of her bed
tissue bunched in her hand
staring at the silent phone
waiting for him to care