What if?

Take my hand
and I’ll take you there
away from here
from this place
of fears
and tears
and broken hearts
sad memories
and misfit dreams

Don’t be afraid
I’ll take your fear
and wipe your tear
and hold you strong
within my heart
I won’t let you go
and I won’t let you down

Gliding through the fields
and tall grass
Sunshine burns the morning mist
and your hair flows gently in the wind
your dress clinging
Your eyes, they smile
a peaceful sign for me
to see
that once again
my friend
you can be happy
and free

I watch as you peacefully
dance to your own music
head tilted back to the sky
and a laugh
escapes your lips
those lips
I long for those lips
but that is not my place
not now anyway

We move along
away from the pain
along the river bank
hand in hand
and we rest and listen
to the water rushing past
flowing slow and with purpose
Ever changing, a tumble
Much like this life
which we are afraid to change
alone, our biggest fear

We reach the destination
and I lay you down
and I guard the door
and I listen to you as you sleep
and dream
and call my name
or maybe that was my own dream
I can’t be certain
and I won’t contemplate
What if?


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