Fire Brings Change

Standing at the edge of the forest fire
I can feel the heat and smell the smoke
Ashes fill the sky and burns my lungs
My eyes sting with tears of dead things
The fire burns, making the change
The change inevitable, the heat incredible
The winds push and feeds the flame

I step in

Engulfed in the fire and flame
The pain as my skin begins to melt
Suffocating and can’t breathe
I can’t see where I am going
And I begin to lose myself
The sound
So loud

Then nothing

I am one with the smoke
I am one with the fire
I am fuel for the heat
I am rising above and accepting this change
I will go where the wind takes me
I will find a new home
I will begin again, fresh and new
I will live and I will be fine

Now, what about you?


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